Chimney Repair Fife

Chimney Repair Fife

If you need an urgent chimney repair in Fife, call us today at 01383 432 498.

Just like your roof, it’s important to have your chimney inspected every five years or so, just to make sure it’s able to withstand everything the weather can throw at it. This is especially important if you live in an older property. We offer competitive and reliable chimney services throughout Fife including re-pointing the chimney brickwork; securing, removing or replacing chimney pots; removing chimneys altogether; or even building new chimneys.

Chimneys have always been a feature of British homes, so even brand new houses often have a chimney, even if only for decorative purposes. But if you live in an older property, make sure your chimney’s safe. Call the chimney experts today for a chimney and roof inspection.

Chimney Repairs in Fife

Due to the very nature of there job Chimney stacks are usually exposed to the elements and are exposed to the winds. We find that most clients forget about there chimney as it is on the roof and out of your eyesight, the issue is that if you do not pay attention to your chimney and have regular maintenance checks then loose pieces of masonry go undetected and they can become unstable, these loose pieces will need replacing at the earliest signs of deterioration to avoid a full repair.

We always advise our clients to have a yearly maintenance check to avoid any nasty surprises in the winter times.

We only use the finest materials to repair your chimney stack very often this can only require sand, cement and lime mixed mortar .